Back to Basics: Getting into Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is the main building block of starting the plan for any project. You’re going to be analyzing everything in this process: identifying and prioritizing rights-holders, communities, interested parties, and anyone who is going to be impacted by the project, particularly when the ‘duty to consult’ is mandated for

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How A Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement Plan Actually Improves Project Outcomes

stakeholder engagement plan

Effective stakeholder engagement is essential to ensure a project is fully successful. For your stakeholder engagement plan to have value and be impactful, it has to be meaningful. But why shift toward meaningful engagement? The goal is to emphasize: corporate social responsibility,  more transparency,  better reporting, and improved project outcomes.

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Stakeholder Communication Strategies for Effective Engagement and Information Management

stakeholder communication strategies

Strategic stakeholder engagement and effective information management are cornerstones of successful project outcomes. Understanding the following stakeholder communication strategies will help to optimize your engagement and manage the important data you collect.  Compelling stakeholder engagement follows a strategy that targets the right people and groups, involves participants in a meaningful

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Stakeholder Information Management Software Buying Guide

Which stakeholder engagement and information management software is best for your needs? Since each industry is unique when it comes to stakeholder management, invest the time to define your organization’s business objectives related to the collection, management, and reporting of stakeholder engagement activities before you get started. The following tips

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Stakeholder Information Management: Understanding the Differences Between CRM and SRM and/or SIMS

  Is customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed for use in sales, marketing, and customer support environments, sufficient to help you meet the stakeholder information management needs of your projects? The short answer is…no. Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software, also known as Stakeholder Information Management Systems (SIMS), has

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Social License to Operate

The social license to operate refers to the ongoing perceptions, acceptance and approval of a project among its stakeholders, and is granted by the stakeholder community. In order for social license to be determined for a project, efforts have to be made to measure these beliefs and perceptions. Since beliefs

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