Enterprise Level Stakeholder Relationship Management

If you are a public consultation or engagement professional, then you know the importance of collecting accurate data, developing a feedback loop and reporting on all the interactions that take place with various stakeholders. Our public consultation software helps to facilitate these steps.

Professionals also understand that the stakeholder relationship management process can become complicated over time due to:

  • Changing contacts across Stakeholder groups (and within their membership)
  • Increased demands and accountability from the public
  • Mandates for more detailed verification of consultations and robust reporting from legal and regulatory systems

SustaiNet is focused on supplying stakeholder relationship management solutions that make the engagement process easier for organizations and field practitioners.

Our public consultation software is purpose-built to do the job correctly from the onset – it’s NOT adapted from other products or derived from generic software programs meant to address other needs.

SustaiNet’s custom designed solutions are the most advanced on the market.  They assure that:

  1. Data collection is simple and verified
  2. Reporting is easy and robust
  3. Access to stakeholder information is fast and flexible

SustaiNet supplies leading edge public consultation software solutions that help professionals collect and manage their important data.

stakeholder relationship management software

Advanced Stakeholder Relationship Management Software

StakeTracker is an advanced, custom designed stakeholder tracking and public consultation software solution that helps organizations efficiently manage all of the interactions and communication they conduct with stakeholders, the community, and the public.

StakeTracker is easy to use and specifically handles all the “curve balls” the public consultation process can throw your way, especially as time and distance are increased.

Dynamics related to public consultation impact organizations from a cross-section of industries including resource extraction and infrastructure development. Three major factors at play are:

  1. Legal requirements to consult with all the groups that are potentially impacted by their projects.
  2. The need to reduce project risk, resistance and costly delays potentially caused by poorly documented consultations.
  3. The need to demonstrate that the issues, interests and concerns of impacted stakeholders are taken into account in project studies.

Companies and governments are finding the need to ‘walk the talk’ and ‘earn their social license to operate’ by demonstrating that they have seriously considered all stakeholder interests, issues and concerns in their project studies and have met all commitments.

SustaiNet supplies a secure web-based Stakeholder Communications Management solution for project team members to centrally record and access all communications, interactions and commitments with stakeholders. This significantly reduces the administrative burden associated with data management and reporting.

StakeTracker has become the accepted Canadian public consultation software standard due to a unique communication-centric data model, cross-referencing of information and ‘ease of use’ in documenting and reporting on consultations to the regulators.

We also provide professional services such as data migration, data import, custom report generation, training and support.

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