stakeholder management software

StakeTracker stakeholder management software meets the needs of today’s stakeholder engagement and public consultation professionals by helping them efficiently manage interactions and communications with stakeholders, communities and the public.

Stakeholder Management Software Overview, Features, and Benefits

StakeTracker is a powerful web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) web-application that helps organizations stay on top of their projects by centrally managing all communications regarding the impact their initiatives have on the communities in which they operate.

StakeTracker is used by organizations to plan, record, document, evaluate and report on their communication and interaction with stakeholders and the community in relation to specific projects that have an impact on them:

    • It documents stakeholders’ interest, issues and concerns and provides feed-back to them on how issues are addressed and resolved, as well as tracking any commitments made to them.
    • It allows project team members to coordinate consultation events, share information between them and to assign tasks and follow-ups for action.
  • It does all this and more from a central, secure, professionally-hosted database.

Developed in collaboration with stakeholder engagement and public consultation practitioners, StakeTracker’s simple, practical interface helps you to stay on top of consultation projects. It significantly reduces the effort required to mine, cross reference, and collate the information you need to generate reports (from multiple sources in multiple formats) while helping to minimize risk and maximize transparency and accountability.

  • Manage numerous communications with stakeholders
  • Record stakeholder interests, issues and concerns
  • Track stakeholders’ issues and resolutions, and commitments made to them
  • Report with powerful yet easy-to-use pre-defined and/or user-defined templates
  • Maintain a single central, accessible and secure database
  • Search and analyze large volumes of stakeholder communications quickly
  • Share common master data across multiple projects
  • Coordinate multiple consultation events, open houses and meetings
  • Assign both internal and external team members to the project team
  • Share project information between geographically dispersed team members
  • Manage individuals, groups and land parcels independently of each other
  • Import data from virtually any data source
  • Export data in multiple file formats (PDF, XLS, DOC.etc.)
  • Manage tasks and commitments as fixed, recurring or ongoing
  • Set up reminders, alerts and notifications
  • Synchronize email communications using the StakeTracker Outlook Module
  • Demonstrate transparency and accountability

Team members can quickly and easily access, share and report on up-to-date information, whenever they need it and from wherever they are.

StakeTracker allows project team members to:

  • Coordinate consultation events
  • Share information between them
  • Assign tasks and follow-ups for action

…all from a central, secure, professionally hosted database.

Whether you are consulting your community regarding a streetscape or a transportation project, obtaining landowner’s approval to drill oil wells, or consulting Indigenous groups on land use, it’s critical to maintain accurate, reliable and well documented records.

Why Our Customers Choose StakeTracker ®

Reduce administrative and reporting burden.

Collaborate with geographically dispersed teams

Plan your consultations

Facilitate communication with stakeholders

Improve accountability and generate audit trails