StakeTracker stakeholder relationship management software

StakeTracker stakeholder information management software

StakeTracker is an advanced, purpose built stakeholder information management software solution designed to help stakeholder engagement and public consultation professionals efficiently manage communication with stakeholders, communities, and the public. It is easy to use, and designed to specifically handle all the “curve balls” that come your way as a result of the public consultation process.

Our powerful web-based stakeholder management software helps organizations stay on top of their projects by centrally managing all communications regarding the potential impacts of initiatives on the communities in which they operate.

StakeTracker is used in many different industries…

StakeTracker Customer Sectors

StakeTracker stakeholder relationship management software helps organizations across a wide range of sectors efficiently manage and report their stakeholder communication:


Natural Resources & Energy
Commercial, Transportation & Solid Waste
Indigenous Communities & Governments
Consulting Sector
Not-for-Profit Organisations