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Reduce Your Data Administration Burden
By centralizing all your information in a single accessible database for your users to share, you reduce the large administrative burden of managing, compiling, crossreferencing and mining your data.


Access & Report on Your Information Quickly & Easily
Our unique data model enables you to quickly and easily extract and report on any related aspect of the consultation.


Collaborate with Geographically Dispersed Teams
Share your information securely between your project offices and external teams no matter where they are, enabling unprecedented collaboration between unlimited, simultaneous users.


Facilitate Communication with Stakeholders
Stakeholders need to be consulted adequately and have their interests, issues and concerns considered and resolved, and the commitments made to them must be tracked, monitored and fulfilled. Generating phone, mail and email lists in StakeTracker is simple, as is mail merging with standard letter and email templates.


Plan Your Consultations
StakeTracker’s event planning and calendar capabilities allow you to quickly see what consultation events are scheduled and who is involved, by accessing your event details from your central calendar


Improve Accountability and Generate Audit Trails
Assign tasks to your project team members with email notifications sent instantly. Your team members can easily access their personal task lists and manage progress reporting. Project leaders can oversee all their tasks to stay fully informed of progress.

Deliver real, measurable results, that’s what we do best.

We are serious about wanting the best outcome for you, our clients. We take your recommendations to heart. We guarantee a successful software implementation every time, and we will support you so that you succeed.

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We are focused on helping your organization create a successful stakeholder management environment for your project. We help you get up and running quickly and ensure that you are receiving ongoing value from your StakeTracker software investment. We offer:

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Data Management
  • Data Migration
  • Ongoing Support
  • Product Enhancement
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