aboriginal consultation in alberta

In February 2015, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and the Indigenous Consultation Office (ACO) announced new procedures for First Nations Consultation in Alberta.

The Joint Operating Procedures for First Nations Consultation on Energy Resource Activities outlines new requirements for stakeholder consultation by organizations for oil and gas projects, and the administration and coordination of operations of the ACO and AER relating to any consultation.

The Government of Alberta established the Aboriginal Consultation Office (which reports to the minister of Aboriginal Relations) to manage all aspects of aboriginal consultation – including working with the Alberta Energy Regulator to ensure that all energy applications within their mandate have met all consultation requirements prior to the decision making process.

The operating procedures detail a framework for proponents to consult First Nations in Alberta, with the process being triggered by the type of consultation required by the ACO – no consultation; streamlined consultation; standard consultation; or extensive consultation.

Organizations whose project is identified by the ACO as requiring consultation must submit a First Nations impact and mitigation table along with their application to the AER. The table is intended to document potential adverse impacts, if any, of a proposed energy project on the existing rights of Indigenous peoples.

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Image source: AER.ca

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