6 reasons to engageg online

There are a number of great reasons to add an online community engagement strategy to your organization’s stakeholder management process.

This infographic visualizes six primary reasons to consider connecting with your stakeholders online – but there are other benefits to online community engagement. Some of these include:

Debunking myths – an online community engagement strategy opens up the conversation to new voices, helping expose stakeholders to new ideas. This can help break down old mental models surrounding an issue and introduce “new truths”.

Community Ownership – online tools help provide a platform to support community investment in a project or initiative. From access to information to the opportunity to participate in important conversations, online engagement enables community members to experience a transparent process and have their voice heard. This creates a greater opportunity for community buy-in.

Mitigate Risk – far too often rogue protest sites pop up around important issues. When this happens it’s difficult for organizations to effectively share relevant information. Embracing online community engagement early in the lifecycle of a project or initiative helps you manage the conversation before it manages you.

Note: Please click on the image to view the full sized infographic

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