Stakeholder Consultation Questions

Is your organization planning a new stakeholder consultation project?

Before you begin, consider asking these 12 questions to help your team get started – they will help identify some important factors related to consultation parties and issues.

Developing a good understanding of the communities, stakeholders, and issues you will be addressing will help your company develop an effective consultation and engagement process that will increase the likelihood of positive project outcomes.

The value of information: what to ask, who is involved and how it is tracked and reported, is of paramount importance during the consultation process. Missteps here can put the success of your project in jeopardy.

Stakeholder Consultation Questions Infographic

Stakeholder consultation questions

  1. Who are the stakeholders and rights-holders directly affected by your company’s activities? Which can affect your company’s activities? Which are in both categories?
  2. Who are the stakeholders indirectly affected by your project?
  3. Which of your stakeholders are beneficiaries of your organization’s activities?
  4. Which groups do your stakeholders belong to? Which groups are they influenced by?
  5. Which government, financial, legal, environmental and industry groups are involved in your project? Which of those groups influence your project?
  6. What current issues exist that are directly linked to your company’s activities with this project?
  7. What issues exist that are beyond the direct control of your organization; yet affect the success of your project?
  8. What historic issues exist related to your project, stakeholders and geographical location?
  9. What are the regulatory and environmental compliance requirements?
  10. What issues relate to geographical areas, or to those of cultural significance?
  11. Who are the team members who will be working on the stakeholder consultation?
  12. How will your organization keep consultation records up to date? Who will be responsible for stakeholder information management, and keeping team members in the loop?

Stakeholder consultation is an active, ongoing process with parameters that will change over time. As processes and regulatory requirements evolve over the life span of your organization’s consultation and engagement project, questions and answers will need to be updated.

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