It’s often said that the hardest part about opening a new mine isn’t getting the raw materials out of the ground, it’s managing the complex relationship with the communities living above the ground near the mine.

This infographic is inspired by a great article that highlights six principles for effective stakeholder engagement in the mining sector. Written by Peter Nestor and Nathan Springer, Six Ways for the Extractives Sector to Improve Stakeholder Engagement outlines how mining companies can build valuable, long-term relationships with partners and the public:

Proactively understanding and managing the concerns of a project’s stakeholders is no small task, and the costs of poorly managed stakeholder engagement have been well-documented. Ineffective stakeholder engagement can lead to severe damage to a company’s reputation and cause delays in permitting or mine closure, costing several millions of dollars per day.

The authors also highlight five case studies that help bring the principles to life.

This article resonated with us from a technology perspective. Based on our experience with clients in the mining sector, we see how stakeholder management software can be used effectively during the engagement process and how it can become a key asset in the delivery of the engagement principles outlined in the article.

Contact us to finding out more about using StakeTracker to document and report on important stakeholder issues & activities and how stakeholder data can be used effectively to provide insights and inform decision making.

To learn more about the importance of stakeholder engagement in the mining industry, check out our free e-book: Stakeholder Engagement In Mining.


stakeholder engagement in the mining sector

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