stakeholder commitments


The StakeTracker Commitments Module lets you easily track and assign responsibility for any obligation to stakeholders, from simple verbal promises and expectations to more formal permit conditions and agreements, to ensure that nothing important falls between the cracks. After meaningful engagement, the essence of good stakeholder relations, is to simply do what you said you’d do, and these responsibilities are easily managed with our Stakeholder Commitments Module.

StakeTracker is a dedicated stakeholder management solutions that helps organizations stay on track with their commitments by centrally managing all communications regarding the impact their initiatives have on the communities in which they operate.

In addition to easing the burden and risk associated with manual tracking commitments, StakeTracker records stakeholder issues, interests, and concerns as well as manages the assignment of tasks and generation of project reports that help organizations demonstrate commitments have been met.

StakeTracker also ensures that all communications related to a commitment are archived. As a result, there is a consistent, historic digital record of what has transpired regarding promises to stakeholders even if team members or stakeholder representatives change over time.

With the StakeTracker Commitments Module you can:

Record and document all commitment details

  • All pertinent commitment details are captured in one simple-to-use page

Ensure Accountability

  • Assign responsibility of each commitment to specific team member members, and escalate as necessary

Set due dates, reminders, escalation, and recurrence

  • All commitments are assigned to specific team members, with due dates, reminders and escalations if they are not met.
  • All commitments can have recurrences set so that each completed commitment generates the next one.
  • Commitments can be set to perpetual status, which means they don’t have a specific due date, but are always to be adhered to.

Updates commitment status and priorities

  • As commitments progress over time, their statuses and priorities may easily be updated to reflect their prioritized importance

Capture all dialogue & documentation on the commitment

  • Any new communications between the parties related to a commitment may be associated with the relevant commitment
  • Past communications may escalate into a commitment over time, and may easily be re-associated with this commitment at any time to form a chronological picture
  • All related documents are captured and shared with each commitment

Report on the commitment

  • All commitments can be reported on and tracked by team leaders
  • Users can link commitment to Events and Communications in order to track the process and dialogue that occurred to honour the commitment.