StakeTracker Issue Management module lets you track, manage, and report every issue that stakeholders raise, from initial communication to its exact outcome, with everything in-between.

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Track and respond to stakeholder issues, and guarantee timely reporting

Track and manage every issue that stakeholders communicate. StakeTracker helps you identify issues whenever you enter a topic, a stakeholder and, optionally, a geo-reference in a communication.

Track every resolution effort against its issue.

  • Resolution efforts have a clear audit trail.
  • Add as much detail about the resolution as you need.
  • You control which issues to track.

Customize the issue statuses to suit your process.

  • To start with, an issue can be Open or Closed.
  • You can add more choices—as many as you need. For example, set the issue status to Under review, Tentative, Rejected by legal team, Counter-offer, Closed without resolution, Do not track, or any status your process requires.

Identify patterns at a glance.

  • Issues are organized on screen to help you notice repeated stakeholder communication, spot the frequently raised topics for georeferences or events, and detect the rehandled issues that are potential risks or that are simply labour intensive.
  • See an issue’s entire communication thread and entire resolution history, all on one screen.
  • Quickly review an issue’s history, to help you form the best response.

Save time during data entry.

Tracking issues takes time. We’ve made it easier and faster.

  • Automatically match new issues to existing issues, so they get resolved in one step.
  • New data-entry form is 30% to 65% faster.
  • Enter a resolution while you enter its communication, in one step.

Finish your tasks and meet your commitments.

  • Automated follow up ensures your work is on time, even if team-members change roles.

Share outcomes with management & regulators

You’ll be able to report the:

  • issues that stakeholders raised, and the broader topics and categories they pertain to.
  • issues that are closed, as a summary or including all offers and counter-offers along the way.
  • issues that remain open, as well as your good-faith efforts to close these issues.

You’ll also be able to report the benefits, impact, mitigation measures, and risk level of a resolution and outcome, as well any associated topics, tasks, documents, georeferences, commitments, and more.